LBG - Life on the Rocks (Part 3)

Bob Russo: Bob's article to be published in full soon....

Partners In Crime And Other Friends

Ron Bridges (Jock) and I were inseparable in those days and people would leave us alone which was the way we liked it. We reckoned we owned the Tubes and Devils Gorge simply because of the years we spent there. Dave Mayne is another legend I would have to rate as one of the most consistent and persistent LBG fishos I have ever had the pleasure to fish with and be friends with. Dave had more ANSA records than you could poke a stick at back in the 70’s and 80’s and like Jock and I people would give him a wide berth. When they saw the three of us together, well just say things were very subdued on the platform and nobody would dare leave any rubbish behind.

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Be Part of Fishing History

Fishing Heritage Jervis Bay is a community based initiative. Our primary goal is for public recognition and acknowledgement of the social (cultural) and historic values of land based game fishing in the Jervis Bay region.

We need your stories, and photos of Jervis Bay rock fishing to support a nomination for Commonwealth Heritage status. There is a requirement for evidence to support this nomination to ensure it reaches the significance threshold set by Government. Along with a literature review, your testimonies and photos are to be an integral part of the submission.

Government decision making has recently closed public access to more than 80% of The Bay’s world famous deep-water game fishing ledges. With little acknowledgement from officialdom it is up to us to have region’s unique values recognised. There are no assurances of removing current restrictions although this campaign will serve to broadly promote the positive aspects of rock fishing and help to protect our sport in other areas.

To have your say click this link to download the contribution form.

The completed form should be then emailed to have your say!