Fishing Heritage Jervis Bay

The Jervis Bay fishing Commonwealth Heritage nomination is a not-for-profit community initiative. We do not require any copyright over the material that is contributed though we do assume we may use it to its potential in order to benefit the initiative, as is detailed below.

We suggest for you to contribute accurate names and descriptions of fishing locations so as to empower and inform the heritage submission. All contributions that are considered genuine will be used to supplement the heritage nomination unaltered to ensure its integrity.

We also hope to use many contributions to publish on this website in order to promote and encourage more contributions. Beyond the use of the nomination and publication on this website, the contributor’s agreement will be sought individually for any further use that is unforseen at this stage.

Contributors need to be clear on how their testimonials and photographs are to be used by checking or ticking the appropriate choices on the web-form or MS word form.

We consider that all contributions are by default authorised by the contributor to be used as submitted for the heritage nomination without exception.

If the contributor makes no indication as to their wishes for the treatment of their testimonial or photo contributions we reserve the right to publish them on the campaign website. We will respect the wishes of contributors to either keep entire contributions or parts thereof from being available to the general public although it is again up to the contributor to make this clear else it will be assumed that all may be published on the campaign website.

We also reserve the right, either by our own judgement or at the request of the contributor, to modify anything before making it available to the general public by either withholding place names or by generalising named fishing locations if it is considered that testimonials are descriptive enough to encourage crowding problems.

Fishing World

Fishing World endorse this community driven, not for profit, initiative. Fishing World are however not directly involved, nor does it have an interest in or right to publish any of the submitted material without seeking permission from the owner.